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BSAC - Bluesofts ActiveX Controls

BSAC - Bluesofts ActiveX Controls for programming VBA in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word,...) 

Microsoft already supports activex mscomctl.ocx but it is only platform 32-bit, no unicode and Microsoft does not support it either. ActiveX Controls BSAC allows VBA developers to create software in Excel, Word,... with a rich and very professional interface. It supports unicode, 32 and 64 bit. In particular, you can control the Task Pane, put the Userform in the Task Pane in Office.

BSAC including controls: BSTaskPaneX (Task Pane), BSTaskPanes, BSTreeVew, BSListView, BSListBox, BSComboBox, BSImageList, BSTooltipX, BSEdit, BSMemo, BSButton, BSButtonEx, BSMaskEdit, BSDateTimePicker, BSDateSelector, BSProgressBar, BSTrackBar, BSRadioGroup, BSRadioButton, BSCheckBox, BSCheckListBox, BSLabel.

All controls support 32-, 64-bit, unicode.

BSAC update version 04/08/2021 (dd/mm/yyyy) Whatsnew

(If Add-in A-Tools is installed, it includes BSAC)

(Video demo 24 controls in BSAC programming for Excel VBA).



Programming VBA control Pane, put Userform in Task Pane with BSTaskPane control in Excel VBA


  (Programmatically create a Unicode TreeView and ListView with a BSTreeView, BSListView control in BSAC)


Display Image in ListBox with BSImageList and BSListBox, BSTaskPaneX

(Programming VBA in Excel put images/pictures into BSTreeView, BSListBox, BSListView, BSComboBox in the Userform and put into BSTaskPaneX in BSAC)DemoBSACCtrls

BSAC allows developer to control the subclass to draw the item. Support events: OnMeasureItem, OnDrawItem, OnWndProc

BSAC also supports many API functions for interaction: MsgBox support unicode, Progressbar, Timer, Icon, Text Color and Background color.


(MsgBox shows unicode, has timer, progress)

(InputBox shows unicode, has timer)