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Customize the Layout

Split a Worksheet
You can split a worksheet into multiple resizable panes for easier viewing of parts of a worksheet. To split a worksheet:

  • Select any cell in center of the worksheet you want to split
  • Click the Split button on the View tab
  • Notice the split in the screen, you can manipulate each part separately

Split Screen Button

Freeze Rows and Columns
You can select a particular portion of a worksheet to stay static while you work on other parts of the sheet.  This is accomplished through the Freeze Rows and Columns Function.  To Freeze a row or column:

  • Click the Freeze Panes button on the View tab
  • Either select a section to be frozen or click the defaults of top row or left column
  • To unfreeze, click the Freeze Panes button
  • Click Unfreeze

Freeze Panes Drop Down Menu

Hide Worksheets
To hide a worksheet:

  • Select the tab of the sheet you wish to hide
  • Right-click on the tab
  • Click Hide

Hide Sheet Drop Down Menu

To unhide a worksheet:

  • Right-click on any worksheet tab
  • Click Unhide
  • Choose the worksheet to unhide

Unhide Sheet Drop Down