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How to start server with Add-in A-Tools in Microsoft Excel

One of the main functions of Add-in A-Tools is sharing and managing Excel file on LAN and Internet. Today, I will show you how to start server and add Excel file to share with multi users.

1. Start Server

From A-Tools menu, select the "Start server" function.

+ Server name: If Clients want to connect with this computer, they must use the name or IP address to connect.
+ User name: Name to access. Name of original supply system is named  "admin”.
+ Password: Default is blank. You can set up your password and user's password after.
Only users who have a username (account) and password you grant can run Excel Client function.

2. Opening shared Excel files (Databases)

From A-Tools menu, the user runs “Server manager” function. When the screen is appeared, the user need to select the “Databases” from the left window. The database manager function will be appeared on the right screen.


The server shares data in the network is started by creating a list of the Excel data files.

+ Add : The user can add Excel database files to the list of server manager.

+ Remove : The user can remove the database files from the list of server manager.

+ Back up: To back up database.

+ C&A : if the user select the data in this database ,the user will be managed according to the regulations of managing report- " Checking and Approval".

+ Visible: If the user select it , this databases (workbook) will be seen in the server , otherwise it is hidden .

+ Inactive: If this function is selected ,clients in the network can not connect to this database, except clients are permited from server. Data will be hidden in databases screen except it is selected " inactive".

+ Order: Sort of

+ Visible option: allows the user sees databases in the state : active , inactive , all .