You are here Create BSTreeView has icon, image, unicode in Excel VBA

Create BSTreeView has icon, image, unicode in Excel VBA

Create TreeView has icon with Task Pane in Excel VBA, use controls: BSTreeView, BSImageLIst, BSTaskPane.

Support: Unicode, platforms 32, 64-bit.

Step 1: Import controls of BSAC. Click on Userform, see window "Toolbox", right click on tab "Controls" -> "Import Page", select file "ImportToToolbox.pag" ((Download).

(Do Step 1 only if you do not see BSAC controls on Toolbox window)

Step 2: Drag controls to userform: BSTreeView (name: BSTreeView1), BSImageList(name: BSImageList1), BSButton,...

Step 3: Add icons to BSImageList control.

+ Click on BSImageList1 on Userform, see window "Properties"->Custom..., click on button [...] on the right.

+ In window "Property Pages" click button "Add" to add icons to BSImageList control.

(Index of icon use in property ImageIndex of controls) 

Step 4: Coding: Create Task Pane by BSTaskPanes, BSTaskPane

'Author: Nguyen Duy Tuan -
'Website: -
'Support online:
'View learn BSTreeView:
Option Explicit 
Dim TP As BSTaskPane 
Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() 
   'Create Task Pane by BSTaskPanes
   Dim TPs As New BSTaskPanes 
   Set TP = TPs.Add(ConvertStr("Menu lÖnh", AcTcvn3ToUnicode), Me, False) 
   TP.AllowHide = False  'Prevent user from click [X] on task pane
   Set TPs = Nothing 
   'AddIcons ' - No need in BSAC 3.0. Icons/Image added in design-time
   'DoCreateBSTreeView_Easy ' For lean easy
End Sub 
Private Sub UserForm_Terminate() 'BSImageList1.ListImages.Clear 'Use this line if you run method "AddIcons" Set TP = Nothing 'Free Task Pane End Sub

Step 5: Coding: Create TreeView from data sheet

+ Data for treeview:

- Key: index of node

- Text: text display for node

- Key Parent: is index of parent node.

- ImageIndex: Index of icon in BSImageList

- Link Sheet: Sheet name will open when click on node.

Private Sub DoCreateBSTreeView() 
   Dim I&, Node As BSTreeNode, sh As Worksheet 
   Dim Key As String, ParentKey As String, Text As String, idx& 
   Set sh = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("MENU") 'sheet has data for tree view
   BSTreeview1.ReadOnly = True 
   BSTreeview1.hImageList = frmResource.BSImageList1.hImageList  'Link icons/images to BSTreeVew
   BSTreeview1.Font.Size = 12 
   BSTreeview1.CheckBoxes = True 
   BSTreeview1.Items.BeginUpdate  'For faster. You must run EndUpdate later
   For I = 4 To sh.Range("A1000").End(xlUp).Row  'Dong cuoi du lieu
      'Nhan gia tri cho bien
      Key = sh.Cells(I, 1).Value  'A
      Text = sh.Cells(I, 2)  'B
      ParentKey = sh.Cells(I, 3).Value  'C
      idx = sh.Cells(I, 4).Value  'D
      'Tao cac node cho BSTreeView
      If ParentKey = "" Then  'Parent in root
         Set Node = BSTreeview1.Items.Add(, Key, Text, idx) 
         Node.Bold = True 
      Else  'Child
         Set Node = BSTreeview1.Items.Add(ParentKey, Key, Text, idx) 
      End If 
   Next I 
End Sub 

Video instruction:

Download Source code

Author: Nguyễn Duy Tuân